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Parades in the Age of Covid-19 

Covid-19 has provided many difficulties for the fife and drum community.  From Zoom and socially distanced rehearsals to a season that has been completely cancelled, the BCFD and the rest of the fife and drum community have been met with infinite challenges.  The loophole in this is the many "drive-by" parades that have been happening to help cheer people up.  The BCFD decided to join the drive-by bandwagon.  Are you doing a "drive-by" parade and need or want some musicians?  We are able to perform on a flatbed, distanced from the spectators.  If your name or business is on your flatbed or truck, this is great free advertising.  The BCFD, as a 501c(3) organization, is able to provide a tax deductible letter for your donated service. 

Mayor Bob DaSilva of East Providence asked us to play in the East Providence Memorial Day Parade and filmed this Facebook Live video.

The Townie-Ween Parade, hosted by the East Providence Boys and Girls Club; video by Mayor Bob DaSilva.