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"The Bristol County Fifes and Drums Corp is an educational organization established to provide a historical understanding of the formation of America by creating a Revolutionary War period fife and drum corps that participates in historic parades, events, exhibitions and national, state and local ceremonies. The organization presents historically accurate, period music, together with historically accurate musket fire, historic flags and costuming. A further part of its mission is to educate and inspire all members of the organization (who all participate in the entity‚Äôs performances) in the instruments, costumes and history of the Revolutionary Wars, as free training and music lessons and instruments are provided." (Mission Statement, BCFD)

The Bristol County Fifes and Drums (BCFD) of Bristol, RI are the official field music for the Bristol Train of Artillery.  They have 501 (c)(3) status and are a tax deductible organization. The BCFD, formerly the Yankee Volunteers, are dedicated to the preservation of ancient martial music. The fifes and rope tension drums they use are reminiscent of Revolutionary War style instruments. Each year the Bristol County Fifes and Drums travel to a different region for a concert tour. They have been featured performers at Mount Rushmore, London, England, Washington, DC. and Walt Disney World, FL., among other wonderful places.

To hire the Bristol County Fifes & Drums or inquire about their annual tour, fill out the contact form, email, or find them on Facebook!